Dan Thelen, Michigan USA, 2015

Dear Kevin,

We are sure you don't need to be told how essential you and your staff were to the great success of the Auto-Owners program in Ireland. As you know, we have hosted programs all over the world, but it would be hard to find a program that had so many absolute treats in the way of talented creative entertainment, flawless execution of transport and delightful guides and drivers. The compliments from our more than 1,600 guests spread over 10 groups continue to pour in. Well done Kevin and thank you!

Best wishes for your continued success. We will be sure to tell others about our great experience with Odyssey International.



                 Dan Thelen,

                 Executive Vice President

                 &  Steve Zabriskie

                                                 Assistant Vice President

                                                 Auto-Owners Insurance Comany

Rick Burns, Atlanta USA, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Kevin Shannon and his team at Odyssey International, Ireland worked with our team to make our 2015 Sales Leaders Conference in Ireland an event so special that our attendees cannot stop talking about it. At the home office, we can't stop talking about it because we don't know how we are going to top it!

Ireland as a destination is magical. Couple the island's charm with some of the most delightful people you'll ever meet, and you have a recipe for success. Odyssey doesn't just get the job done; they get it done seamlessly and with a smile. The team at Odyssey is what makes the experience so special. From inception to completion, the experienced and knowledgeable Odyssey team is always working to ensure that your team and your attendees are recieving the best of the best. It's quite clear that they have an incredible product to work with in Ireland and their pride in showing it off is evident, and infectious!

Our Company strives to create long lasting memories for our attendees - we're talking bucket list celebrations that are once in a lifetime. Odyssey understands our culture and worked incredibly hard to deliver a memorable, energetic and uniquely Irish program that left our attendees craving more. By understanding our corporate culture and objectives of the program, Odyssey told the story of Ireland how our attendees always imagined it - for most, it was a fairytale that left a lasting impact. In my opinion, it's been our best program yet. This will not be the last time we work with Odyssey!


Rick Burns,

Bankers Fidelity


Karen Gallagher, Colorado USA, 2015

Dear Kevin,

I'm not in the habit of writing letters to my meeting partners, but the more I thought about it, I realized that I needed to make an exception to my practice.

I've conducted countless trips and meetings for my clients to every corner of the world, but the trip we planned for Dublin and Adare this past June was in one word, exceptional! There's no doubt in my mind that the trip - with its ever increasing participant count - was one of the best ever for my client and most, if not all the credit, goes to you and your team.

From the beginning, you listened carefully to our requirements, offered unique ideas and approaches, never lost your creative edge, and when things became more challenging than exprected, you found solutions and offered them with a patience that was noticed and so appreciated.

When it came to the actual program, you and your team executed flawlessly with professionalism, respect and a true warmth. All of which was not lost on me but, more importantly, was not lost on our attendees. (And believe me, this group is not shy about sharing their feelings.)

I've been in the meeting and travel planning business longer than I care to admit. As a result, my expectations are high. Thank you for exceeding my expecations and delivering a first class event. Well done, my friend!

With my sincere thanks,


Karen Gallagher,


Conference Servies Inc

Jim Bozzelli, Illinois USA, 2015

Dear Kevin and Yvonne,

Thank you and the Odyssey team again for the great work on the Auto-Owners Insurance incentive program held in Ireland this past summer!

As your are well aware, the nearly 1700 Auto-Owners' executives, agents, associates, and guests had a very positive experience in Ireland. This was due in large part to the entire Odyssey team!

Throughout the planning process, the Odyssey team was extremely responsive, creative and patient. The off-site venues that Odyssey recommended were fabulous. The entertainment was some of the best experienced by Auto-Owners in the nearly 50 years that they've been operating incentive travel programs.

Your on-site staff and guides were professional, enthusiastic, and tireless in their efforts over a very long period of time. It was helpful that they all had a great sense of humor as well! The Gavel team thoroughly enjoyed working with your team!

We appreciate all that you did to help make the program a success!

We look forward to working with you again soon!


 Jim Bozzelli                     

Vice President 

Gavel International

Marilyn Murphy, California

I've been trying to think of an appropriate word to express our appreciation for your support and partnership to make this past meeting the spectacular success that it was. Somehow, "thank you" seems insufficient.

You have been such a pleasure to partner with from our first experience together in 1996. I've said it again and again - and I trust you'll never tire of hearing it.... You're simply the best! I wouldn't be disappointed if every customer chose Ireland for their incentive or conference. 


Marilyn Murphy 
The CTP Group


John Forst, USA

Few DMCs deliver the way Odessey does. At every turn you and your team are truly interested in making certain all exceeds the plan - doing so professionally and always with a smile


John Forst
Performance Solutions Manager
ITA Group Des Moines

Carole Parsons, Australia

CaLL Incentives have worked with Odyssey International on 2 programmes – both initially in the Republic of Ireland and then in Northern Ireland. Apart from the usual efficiency, professionalism and “happy” service, Odyssey always stretch themselves to provide unusual events rather than usualevents with great success. They have the personal contacts and knowledge of the entire island and in our mind, they are the only choice of DMC in both countries to produce events that are not only memorable to the end-user but “Once in a Lifetime” experiences. Their extra time and energy put into programmes (both in the lead up and during the programme itself), as well as their expertise is extended on every programme they arrange and we feel this is not only generous but what we look for in a DMC. We could not recommend them highly enough and anyone who uses them will be very satisfied – that is to say both the agent and the end client.

Carole Parsons
CaLL Incentives

Albert Wiese, Germany

As the year is coming to the end I wanted to write to you and thank you for your great cooperation during our five major incentive programs in Ireland for our two big clints.

We are well aware that Corporations of this size are extremely challenging and have a governance demands which add to the already considerable work required for the actual program. In this regard, Odyssey International measured up in every facet.

We had specific objectives to meet for our clients and the programs you devised reflected these objectives from a creative perspective and within budget.

Once we were in Ireland, the logistics were handled meticulously and both of our teams worked together seamlessly a perfect partnership!

Thank you again for the great cooperation and we look forwrd to many more projects in Ireland.


Albert Wiese
General Manager
Globo Incentives

Andrea Kühne, Germany

With this letter i want to thank you once more for the perfect job which you and your team delivered ay our dealer incentive trips to Dublin. Moreover I want to thank you for your great support.

I personally had a wonderful time working with motivated professionals as you. Every reaction I got from the participants has been very positive and this is a nice thing to hear after putting a lot of effort into the success of this event.

I hope you are well and wish you and your great team all the best.

Maybe one will see us again sometime in Ireland or Germany!


Andrea Kühne
Ford-Werke GmbH
Specialist Event Management

Robert M. Spellman, USA

I am long remiss in sending this letter of recommendation. In writing this letter I made several attempts to set aside my feelings of admiration and respect for you and Pat and write the letter as would the president of an incentive travel company with 36 years experience in operations. But as I progressed I realized that my admiration and respect are the direct result of great work you have done for our clients over the past 20 years.

Consider our Financial Corporation group of a coupleof years ago. I imagine it is still the largest incentive group to visit Dublin - 3,200 people over 15 days. In the course of the program, guests walked out of their hotels over 12,000 times with some place to go - tours, transfers, shuttles - and they all got there. And when they came back they all had a smile on their faces. And when I got the bill, I had a smile on my face, for you accomplished the daunting task just as you said you would and for the budget agreed upon. This is, of course, just one example. I can go on about the success of the 2,000 person Business Machine Company and the dozen other groups we have worked on together.

Here's what you as well as or better than, anyone else in the business

  1. You and Pat listen, think, ask questions, and make suggestions. You listen to our response and then respect the process until we have a plan.
  2. Never in all the time I have worked with you have I felt that you put your interests above those of the clients'.
  3. You and Pat are enthusiastic about looking at a project from start to finish and you both exhibit a childlike exuberance for the business. You love the business and it shows.
  4. From the guides, to the hospitality desk staff, to your wonderful in-house staff, you have great people.
  5. The suppliers love you. To the novice this might seem like you are easy, but we all know you (especially Pat) are not. What you are is knowledgeable, fair and reasonable.
  6. You understand that a good trip begins at the planning stages and that success in our business is the result of a long process and a succession of small victories.
  7. You are one of the few remaining DMCs on earth who understands that you need to take care of the fundamentals - get the lists right, pay attention to the details, and be early for everything.
  8. You plan great parties and events ( remember Guinness, Kilmainham, Berkley Court,The Burlington, Killarney, Ashford, Dromoland, and the rest) but contrary to the trend in our business, you are primarily a party planner. You know how to load busses, how to count, and how long it takes to get from here to there and back.
  9. You and Pat are the talent. So often I deal with DMCs whose owners are empty suits. Yes they can host you for dinner and send balloons to your room, but when it comes time to discuss the project, you end up talking to someone who has been in the business for three years, who, "by the way is pregnant and she won't be able to operate the program but we have someone who is just as good who will take over etc.,etc."
  10. I am constantly amazed at the respect you have for our profession and the care and concern you show for the well-being of each guest. 

I am beginning to sound like I am on the payroll. Anyway, Kevin, you and Pat are the best and I know what I am talking about.


Robert M. Spellman
Spellman Travel Partners
United States of America