Meet The Team

Catherine O'Higgins Financial Controller

Catherine is another seasoned pro with over 15 years of senior project management experience and another 15 years in the industry. Born and raised in Dublin, Catherine has a true love for her city and country and after plenty of travelling around the world, there is no place like home. She shares Ireland with passion with our clients at every opportunity! When she is not in the office, she is spending time with her twin boys and trying to get some exercise in after all that baking!

Loves: Walking, Yoga, Surfing, Baking, Film & Travelling

Languages: English, Irish, Italian, French

Favourite Incentive moment?

Arranging a Community Activity where we brought children from a deaf school to a fire station, to meet the firemen, ring the bells and sirens and climb inside the fire engines. The kids were so thrilled, and the clients were delighted that they had the opportunity to put the smiles on the children’s faces… it was such a memorable day for everyone involved.