Meet The Team

Pat Crowley Manager Client Relations

Pat Crowley has been at the creative and resourceful end of business tourism for over thirty years. In a fast-moving business environment, Pat has built many genuine relationships around the world and is committed to always delivering the "Real Ireland", gift wrapped and with the highest level of professional service. 

A true raconteur, Pat the poet is as lively and passionate about his craft as he is the language he speaks.

Loves: Family, Rugby, Motor Sports and the Gaelic Language.

Languages: English, Irish, French

Favourite Incentive moment?

It's well after mid-night, and I'm here on the deck area of the boathouse at Hotel Europe, Killarney. BBQ finished long ago, but ring doughnuts and marshmallows are still being toasted on the glowing embers. Lots of cognac and Irish Coffee flowing. A full moon glistening across the lake, lights of a few isolated cottages and farmhouses twinkling on the far side at the foot of the Purple Mountain while 8 or 9 deer graze away peacefully, not more than 40 metres to my right.

Our group is from Australia and I think this could be the last song of the evening from Tony and Mike, "And the band played Waltzing Matilda". Absolutely fabulous!
I'm getting carried away, but that's what happens in Ireland, in the Ireland we love to share.