Meet The Team

Stephanie Mullen Project Manager

Stephanie joined Odyssey at the beginning of 2018 after a 10-year career as a teacher.
Growing up in a family that is in the tourism industry, hospitality was always something Stephanie had her eye on. After years of working with children she is delighted to be working in an industry that she feels so familiar with - if you can manage 60 kids every day, you’re ready for anything!

Stephanie is a real people person and loves to build good connections and relationships with clients and guests. A lover of check lists and general organisation, Stephanie is happy to help with anything that’s thrown at her.

Loves: Travelling, Sports, Socialising, Reading, Cooking
Languages: English, Irish, French

Favourite Incentive moment?

Being part of the team that successfully pulled off the largest incentive ever in Ireland in the summer of 2018! What an incredible challenge and journey it was, and to be a part of that was truly a proud moment. A gala dinner in the 3arena for the first time, an award-winning private festival showcasing the ‘Best of Ireland’, multiple tours being coordinated throughout Dublin City, Wicklow and the North of Ireland. “Every so often I stood back and looked at the amazing team surrounding me and knew I was part of something special here in Odyssey!