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Odyssey's Senior Project Manager, Claire Derousseaux, shares her expert insights about entertainment for incentive programmes.

Ireland's Entertainment specialists

When it comes to putting together an incentive programme, a multitude of ideas flourish in your mind. It is then a matter of how best to adapt them to your clients’ needs to create a unique and memorable programme that will spring a smile on their face when reminiscing about it many years later.

A very important component to an incentive programme, and one which would nearly have its own budget, is entertainment! From a welcome night to a Gala dinner or just a drinks reception or even a pub crawl you need to create a different atmosphere based on the occasion; and it is not the case of: ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

In Ireland, we are extremely lucky to have a wide range of options to choose from and we work with excellent and talented professionals in the domain.

The first thing that may come to mind when thinking entertainment is MUSIC, and mostly people would associate Ireland with traditional music. Indeed, we have an abundance of fantastic traditional Irish musicians and nothing beats a good Irish ballad band and a sing along. As much as Ireland resonates with traditional Irish music, we are gifted with many other talented musicians who will strike a chord with your guests. From Harpist to Tenors or Vocal ensemble, Classical String Quartet to Rock Band we have it covered for any type of music.

PERFORMERS do play an important part of the entertainment scene and do help create a long lasting impact! From an outdoor or an indoor event there is always the right match for your event. Welcome your guests with Fire performers, Stilt walkers or even bare chested drummers and set the tone for the night!  Have your guests greeted by characters dressed up in traditional Irish attire, or let your guests be the performers and have everyone dressed up in Medieval costumes for the night! Opt for aerialist performers as a feature act or simply entertain your audience with a Riverdance style performance; after all, an event in Ireland would not be complete without an Irish dance performance! Surprise your guests with a performance like no other, with Irish dancers performing on stage or on the dining tables so your guests are even closer to the action! Don’t worry these chosen tables are reinforced to hold the weight and the tempo without anyone even noticing it!

And if an Irish dance finale is not enough, we can bring more magic to their eyes with a party in the sky and a unique firework display. We have so many venues in Ireland allowing us adequate space and safety to create a unique spectacle and one that will be remembered – who can say they had their own private fireworks display?! 
Concluding the night with a High Impact performance will guarantee to be one of the highlights that your guests will remember!

We have such an array of talented performers and musicians that we do not have enough words to describe the beauty of the music they produce and the best way to judge it is to attend one of their performances! So why wait? Come and see us and we will treat you to some of the best entertainment Ireland has to offer!