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A message of thanks to our comrade Pat Crowley who retired in 2020. 

Last year we celebrated the end of a great career as our friend Pat Crowley decided to retire. A pillar of the Irish travel industry, a great storyteller and wonderful ambassador of Ireland, Pat never pushed the hard sell. In his own words he ‘didn’t sell Ireland, he shared it’. Though he may not be sharing Ireland anymore – except with his grandkids – he remains a long-time member of team Odyssey and team Ireland!
Ever a man of storytelling and prose, we have written a poem in honour of Pat the travelling legend.

An Ode to Pat

A man of the world, travelling all over the map,
Some called him Crowley, our dear friend Pat.
We’ll never know how many airmiles he possessed,
Spent more time at 38,000 feet than at his desk!

An Irishman through and through,
His manner authentic, genuine, true.
At fairs and trade-shows he would sit,
And charm you with his stories, poems, and wit.

Despite luggage lost, and flights delayed,
Pat’s love of travel never swayed.
He travelled the highways and byways of the USA,
And made a million friends along the way.

Now you embark on the next journey in life,
The garden, grand kids, and Maria your loving wife.
So a Tanqueray & Tonic and a tip of the hat,
To a colleague, a mentor, our dear friend: Pat.