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Want to hear about a TRULY EXEMPLARY incentive experience?....


Through my work in Tourism, I feel very privileged to have been to so many amazing places in Ireland. As Julie from #whoweareireland mentioned on her video last Sunday, Incentive Travel is all about creating something unforgettable and unique that the visitors otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience if they travelled on their own.

These experiences have to be TOP LEVEL, five star all the way, SURPRISE YOU with the unexpected, DELIGHT your senses with delicious food, get you to DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW whether it is about yourself or the world, take you on a journey where you will meet INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE, hear their amazing stories, get to join in the fun and leave you satisfied like after a meal, but wanting more because it was so delicious…

In my view, there is one experience in Ireland that manages to encompass all of the above and more: Secret Ireland Escapes on Lough Derg. It all started with Mark O’Dwyer… (who is local to the area and passionate about his region)… and a luxury boat.

Mark offers a bespoke private experience including exclusive access to unique locations such as a mediaeval castle only accessible by water, genuine Irish hospitality by meeting people living on the lake and local artisans, mixing it all up with art, architecture, heritage and culture and lastly topped up with local food and drinks.

It is truly difficult to do justice to the product Mark has created, one just has to experience it! Our clients love it!